Their orchid blooms are often large and come in spotted white, yellow, and light brown. Its abbreviation in the horticultural trade is Brs. No problem. The grex Eternal Wind is a recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Orchid Republic offers a wide range of floral subscriptions and same-day flower delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County. Culture information and photos for this orchid are commonly detailed under the currently accepted name of. They do this stinging and tugging at the column and lip again and again, which results to the pollina sticking to their head. It is widely pollinated by a specific kind of wasp, the female members of the Pepsis and Campsomeris genera. Occurrence is mostly restricted to a certain area, but Brassia caudata can be found over the whole geographic area. [3], Brassia species and its popular hybrids are common in cultivation, and are notable for the characteristic long and spreading tepals (in some clones longer than 50 cm), which lend them the common name spider orchid. This epiphytic genus occurs in wet forests from sea level to altitudes under 1500 m, with the Peruvian Andes as its center of diversity. This orchid plant can grow up to 50 centimeters tall. Botanical Name: Brassia (BRASS–ee-ah) Abbreviation: Brs. 1854, Brassia jipijapensis Dodson & N.H. Williams, Brassia pascoensis D.E.Benn. When they fly to another flower, the pollina falls off their head and enters the stigma of the plant. 1992 Brassia bidens Lindley 1844 Brassia brunnea Archila 1999 Brassia caudata (L.) Lindl. Brassia orchids are true blue tropical orchids that thrive in the rainforests of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Brassia is a genus of orchids classified in the subtribe Oncidiinae. They also look stunning in hanging pots filled with well-draining orchid potting material, such as sphagnum moss or orchid bark mix. Follow these orchid care tips for your Brassia orchids: Brassia orchids are epiphytes, so they can be mounted on trees or barks. There are two distichous, foliaceous sheaths around the base, from which the inflorescence emerges. The pollinarium shows a narrow stipe. Brassia species and its popular hybrids are common in cultivation, and are notable for the characteristic long and spreading tepals (in some clones longer than 50 cm), which lend them the common name spider orchid. 1844 Brassia arachnoidea Barb. Common Name: Spider orchid Family: OrchidaceaeSubfamily: Epidendroideae Tribe:  Cymbidieae Subtribe: Oncidiinae Number of recognized species: 34 to 38 recognized orchid species  Origin:  Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean area of Surinam, Brazil, and Bolivia. It is native to Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, and northern South America, with one species (B. caudata) extending into Florida. Want to try your knack growing or taking care of orchid plants or flowers? Powered by Shopify, Brassia gireoudiana Rchb. Brassia orchid plants are epiphytes or kinds of plants that grow while anchored on other plants. By flying to another Brassia flower, this flower gets pollinated. Brassia longissima is an orchid species identified by (Rchb.f.) ORIGIN: Found in Colombia and Ecuador at elevations around 100 meters. f. & Warsz. Brassia orchid genus was first officially described by Scottish botanist, Robert Brown, in 1813. Brassia has a very specific method for pollination; it uses entomophily - pollination by insects - and in this case specifically by female spider-hunter wasps of the genera Pepsis and Campsomeris. Blooming season: Summer  Color:  Brassia orchid plants can have flowers in spotted, bright orange, yellow, white, red, and other vibrant shades. They have large elliptic-oblong pseudobulbs with one or two leaves at the apex, lateral, unbranched many-flowered inflorescences with small floral bracts. The grex Eternal Wind is a recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.[4]. List of Brassia Orchids Species Brassia angusta Lindl. Orchid Species: Brassia longissima Kew currently accepted name is Brassia arcuigera Brassia longissima is an orchid species identified by (Rchb.f.) & Christenson 2001, Brassia suavissima Pupulin & Bogarín 2005, Brassia transamazonica D.E.Benn. It has a raceme kind of inflorescence with few to many flowers. He named the genus after William Brass, Esq., an esteemed botanical illustrator who collected the orchid plants for Sir Joseph Banks, an English naturalist, botanist, and patron of the natural sciences, in Guinea and South Africa. The lady wasps sting the column of the orchid plant almost trying to take it off and devour it. Starting Saturday, April 24, 2021 (lasts 10 days), Starting Thursday, May 6, 2021 (lasts 4 days), Lauren Hutchison commented on member plant, Frances LaVigne commented on member plant, Danish Orchid Society / Dansk Orchide Klub, "Can someone give me the name of this orchid? Rodr. Composed of 34 to 38 recognized orchid species (varies depending on source), these orchid plants are native to parts of tropical America, such as Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean area, to Surinam, Brazil, and Bolivia. By these movements the wasp comes into contact with the pollinarium, that then sticks to its head. Nash in L.H.Bailey in 1914. One of the most strangely interesting thing about Brassia orchids is the way they are pollinated. 25 Popular Types of Orchids (Facts & Pictures) Angraecum Orchids. Brassia is a genus known for its spider-like looks. ", "ANTS: Nesting Between Osmunda and Bark Slab Requires Control Safe for Visiting Hummingbirds", © International Orchid Foundation, LLC. & Christenson 2001. Some sources say its orchid hybrids can bloom in vibrant shades of blotched orange, green, red. [1][2], The genus was named after William Brass, a British botanist and illustrator, who collected plants in Africa under the supervision of Sir Joseph Banks. They can sometimes produce two spikes per bulb. which you cannot ship or do not want to bother shippping? Brown used Brassia maculate as the type species for the orchid genus. Brassias are widely distributed, usually quite vigorous epiphytic plants with few-to-many-flowered inflorescences bearing large to very large, whitish to yellowish and light brown flowers with narrow sepals and petals spotted or blotched dark brown and a large, pointed, prominent, more or less reflexed lip. Experts recommend simulating rainforest conditions for your spider orchids to thrive and feel truly at home. The lip is not attached to the column. As a tropical orchid, growing your own Brassia orchid plant in Los Angeles is possible. Growing classification:  Epiphytes. Orchids A to Z, American Orchid Society Brassia, Jay's Internet Orchid Species, To hear about our latest news, promotions and discounts, Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()), Orchid Republic. Aptly nicknamed as spider orchids, they have extraordinarily long tepals that spread out like legs. Flowers can last for many weeks and should be staked or supported properly. The type species for the genus is Brassia maculata. The Angraecum orchid genus consists of over 200 species, mostly growing in Madagascar and adjacent... Brassia Orchids. Mistaken by the mimicry of Brassia, the wasp stings the lip, while trying to grasp its prey without any success. Nash in L.H.Bailey in 1914. 1877 Brassia arcuigera Rchb.f 1869 Brassia aurorae D.E.Benn. Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Pupulin, F. and Bogarin, D.: The genus Brassia in Costa Rica : A survey of four species and a new species ; Lindleyana, March 2005 - - On line, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 21:52. Do you have a plant for sale or trade However, Brassia orchids are more popularly known as spider orchids because of the odd shape of its blooms that bear similarities with the insect. 1824 Brassia cauliformis C.Schweinf.

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