A more dramatic account of the case produced by PBS  includes testimony from William LeMessurier, the engineer responsible. Identified annual savings: 48,526kWh in electricity and 662,168MJ in gas. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. [9] As a result, the configuration was re-oriented to the south to maximize the potential for generating solar power. Mailchimp databases, while stored outside of Australia, are maintained securely by the service provider and are managed subject to Australian privacy legislation requirements. This course interested Diane Hartley early in her engineering studies and led her to pursue her undergraduate thesis with Billington, a thesis titled “Implications of a Major Office Complex: Scientific, Social and Symbolic Implications.”. [19], By itself, the doubling of the forces that the diagonals would have to resist was not a concern for the steel members. At the cost of $1.5 million, a “tuned mass damper” was installed in the angled top, the first of its kind implemented in the United States. This information is provided as a member service and neither the Author nor the AIA Trust is rendering legal advice. › OVERVIEW I do not like to play the “what if” game but in this case, what if the repairs would not have been enough and the building would have collapsed? I disagree with your views on “bribery, corruption and secrecy” as part of normal expectations. Laws vary by state and members should seek legal counsel or professional advice to evaluate these suggestions and to advise the member on proper risk management tools for each project. To me, this shows that the people working truly cared about the safety of the city rather than the money. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, have any questions relating to the Privacy statement or wish to seek access to the personal information which Sustainability Victoria holds about you, please contact us in writing addressed to privacy@sustainability.vic.gov.au. The ethical question becomes: was the litigation justified. It’s available on YouTube in three parts, and reveals some aspects of the case that are not in Michael Loui’s account, and question whether the case is really the paragon on professional virtue it is celebrated to be, including the secrecy that surrounded the retrofit. According to Robert McNamara, LeMessurier’s partner at the time, LeMessurier had in fact considered the quartering winds during the design phase,[15] but determined that the quartering winds did not produce as much stress on the building as the perpendicular winds. Since the building has weight, that weight (dead load) naturally counteracts the toppling force. Here, we are looking for you to first explain possible dissenting opinions on this case study AND subsequently reach a group consensus and offer supporting explanation that provides rationale for this consensus. In fact, it was during the construction of Stubbins’ first high-rise building—the State Street Bank Building in Boston—where his retention of, and relationship with, structural engineer William LeMessurier began.[6]. People cannot be kept in the dark just because big corporations think that it is best that way. The force of wind against the building creates tension in the members as they resist the wind’s efforts to topple the building. › EXECUTIVE SUMMARY LeMessurier had a duty to publicize the problem with the building. The tower’s failure would cause a domino effect and could potentially damage 18 blocks of the city. Disclaimer: While all due care has been taken in preparing this information, Sustainability Victoria accepts no liability for loss or damages incurred as a result of reliance placed on its content. Professional Engineering Ethics: The Citicorp Tower case – reposted on Medium, Less Bronx-Whitestone Bridge Yielded More Stability During Hurricane Sandy, Using algorithms to design structures better than engineers – Jordan Burgess, Professional Engineering Ethics: The Citicorp Tower case - reposted on Medium, Introduction to Cash Flow Diagrams, NPV & IRR, William LeMessurier Case Study Assignment Guide. We’ve worked with a range of commercial building owners to significantly reduce their emissions and save money through cost effective improvements and upgrades. Due to the relatively light weight, building sway was a serious concern that LeMessurier addressed in the design phase. The mistake was made by the contracting company for changing the joints from welded joints to bolted ones. When there are thousands of lives at risk there should be no sympathy for someone just because they are a “good engineer”. In light of this, please watch the “Professional Engineering Ethics: The Citicorp Tower case” blog post and tweet out about the videos. LeMessurier certainly knew of the substitution in June 1978 when he became aware of the student’s inquiry. Enter your email address to follow CEE300 and receive notifications of new posts by email. Once the press got wind of the meeting with City officials, reporters gained a heightened level of interest in the proposed scope of work. Close suggestions. In June 1978, Princeton University engineering student Diane Hartley wrote her undergraduate thesis, “Implications of a Major Office Complex: Scientific, Social and Symbolic Implications” on The Citicorp Center. ‹‹ back to Overview | top of this page | on to next section ››. We manage personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and our Privacy statement. installation of sensors and reprogramming lighting timers. Citicorp Case 1. In 1978, William J. LeMessurier, one of the nation’s leading structural engineers, discovered after Citicorp Center was completed and occupied, conceptual errors pertaining to joint weakness, tension, and wind force. By taking the tuned mass damper into account, LeMessurier calculated that the probability of failure could be reduced to one in fifty-five years, but that assumed that the power to the building, which was needed to keep the tuned mass damper working, was maintained without disruption during such a storm. The case of William LeMessurier and the emergency repair of the Citicorp Center in New York city has been used by some as an example of ethical behavior by an engineer. Whether LeMessurier admitted his mistake, he still made the mistake. ( Log Out /  1, Jan. 1997, also in the May 29, 1995, issue of The New Yorker, The abstract of the Morganstern paper states, “What’s an engineer’s worst nightmare? While Citicorp never disclosed the actual cost of the remedial efforts, in some respects, it was not important. What does “acted in their (own) best interest” have to do with ethics? CASE STUDY: GREEN BUILDINGS Presented by: Aaesha Qamar Afrin Fatima Ashutosh Singh Jalaluddin Naseem 2. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. First, they arranged to have the manufacturer of the tuned mass damper provide 24-hour service to insure no technical problems would cause an interruption in service. Fortunately, Koch had the material on hand and agreed to start work once LeMessurier’s office issued drawings. Which begs the question does it have anything to do with ethics, or was it just business. At this point, Stubbins had no reason to believe that anything was wrong with the project. I do not suggest sympathy but respect for him doing so. In light of this, please watch the “Professional Engineering Ethics: The Citicorp Tower case” blog post and tweet out about the videos. The dreaded evacuation plan was hours away from implementation. I agree that people’s lives were definitely a concern; however, money was also a large concern. Just two days later, on July 28, 1978, LeMessurier drove to his summer home located on a private island on Sebago Lake in Maine and spent the weekend analyzing Davenport’s information to determine the full extent of the problem. › AN ANALYSIS OF LEMESSURIER’S ACTS In the end, I believe that LeMessurier acted in an ethical way for taking the responsibility but should not have acted in such secrecy. The result was that the impact of the quartering winds was not closely analyzed since they were not thought to be the controlling design condition.[16]. Her professor, David Billington, also questioned this inconsistency in his comments on Ms. Hartley’s thesis. She reports that, at the time, she thought it odd that she did not see initials of another person beside those calculations, because the usual practice was for such work to be checked and initialed by a second engineer. Green buildings case study 1. In this video, Dr. Michael Loui summarizes the highlights of the case, including the fact that: The design flaw was revealed by a Princeton University engineering student who was analyzing the… Instead, he spoke to Stubbins’ attorney (and his friend) and explained the issue. With the exception of those involved, very few knew the real reason for the fixes to the wind bracing in 1978. 1 The building, in fact, was now strong enough to withstand a seven-hundred-year storm even without the damper, which made it one of the safest structures ever built--and rebuilt--by the hand of man. . It is unclear if LeMessurier knew, or even remembered that the request to bolt rather than weld the joints on the Citicorp Center had been approved by the design team. Accordingly, the members need only account for the difference between the force resulting from the dead load (compressive) and the toppling (tensile) force. Sustainability Victoria collects, uses and discloses your personal information for the purpose of this newsletter and may disclose your information to our business partners for the purpose of providing this service, including to our email marketing service provider, Mailchimp. The design he used for the building was innovative, so it was negligent of him to only comply with current building codes and not do further calculations. It is recommended that you make your own enquiries to select a service providers that is suitable for your business.

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