The other prominent Rosies include Rosie Perez and Rozie O’Donnel, who were christened Rosa Maria and Roseann respectively. Elsa is a shortened version of Elizabeth and means ‘oath of God’. [ Read: Baby Boy Names That Mean Prince ]. Baby Pegasus is one of those things. Pearl is so squishy and pink, it makes us want to ink ourselves. She takes her job pretty seriously and is constantly on Rex to be safe and to be cautious. This is one reason that even the cartoon artists name their character as pr his traits which makes it such a big hit. It is super popular in Canada and Australia too. In the world of Disney, Belle is the dreamy heroine of the film “Beauty and the Beast”. This short and sweet name from ‘Adventure time with Finn and Jake’ means a person from Finnish descent. Currently Rebecca sits at #188 of the 200 popular names list. Not just the films, even the characters fascinate us. Viewers also got a glimpse of this superhero family at work, with Gwen and the Tennyson grandfather who secretly worked for the 'Plumbers' Helpers.'. Easy to spell and pronounce we think you'll love this name as much as your son will. Please read our Disclaimer. If you remember, Miss Bianca was the name of the mouse in the movie “The Rescuers”. Jerry Mouse. With this name, we hope your daughter also grows up to be as ambitious and creative as her name namesake. Kids and adults alike loved Ben 10 because of Ben's adventurous attitude and ability to turn into aliens and wreak some havoc. Yet to top the SSA’s top 1000 names list, Teela is feminine, unique and simply gorgeous! Not to be confused with the game show Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? Consult a medical practitioner for health problems. Elizabeth on the other hand is quite popular, ranking as the 13th most popular girls name in the United States in 2015. This one is surely an exotic name from Ninja Turtles that means ‘God is Healer’. Many of these iconic cartoons turned into multimillion dollar franchises to include toys, video games, comic books, apparel and more. Read More:  101 Unique Arabic Baby Boy Names With Meanings. Never has the destitute immigrant experience been so loveable. 11. Teddy: This is a fairly obvious name choice for your teddy bear. Stitch!, Stitch! Fun fact – Tiana was originally going to be named Maddy? Let us know in the comments below. Nala means ‘beloved’. A derivative of Elizabeth, Betty means pledged to God and is of English and Hebrew descent. Huey, Dewey and …. In animation, there's always those irresistibly cute and adorable characters you can't help but love, that don't cross the line from adorable to sickeningly cutesy. Ford's whereabouts and disappearance were pretty mysterious and were hilariously explained in the second season of the show, but it's just one more reason this show is such a hit, because it throws curve balls, but they don't throw fans off, instead they give the fans just another reason to tune in. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. We can sort of put ourselves in the shoes of any one of these characters. 500 Most Popular Baby Boy Names With Meanings, 100 Unique Japanese Baby Boy Names and Meanings, 75 Interesting Facts about the Sun for Kids, 11 Best Online Home School Resources for Your Kid, Sandifer Syndrome in Babies: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment, 12 Things about Indian Flag Every Child Should Know, 11 Tricks to Decode How Your Baby Looks Like. Hudson was the wise founder of the Manhattan gargoyles clan as well as the former leader of the  Wyvren Clan. Baby Simba. The 382nd most popular girls name in the United States in 2015, Carmen is a strong name, with subtle femininity. This soft and dainty name has been a favorite in Scotland and is the name of one of the heroic figures in the Scottish history. But her name got, even more, visibility after it appeared in the film. Cleo means ‘glory’. You could go for the title character, and that's fine. Since that time, Finn has had a taste for adventure, and jake has been by Finn's side keeping him out of danger and assisting in many adventures as well as giving Finn relationship advice. And it’s been rocking the charts, being one of the top 50 names for four years straight. We loved joining The Flintstones, The Jetsons and Winnie the Pooh on countless adventures. We love the name Winnie for a baby girl! Boop, boop, bee – doo! Winnie-the-Pooh. The correct pronunciation of Giselle is “Gee-zah-Lah” and sounds graceful. Ben 10 was also one of the first cartoons to transition and grow before the audiences eyes, where most of the time, characters are ageless and remain the same age for the duration of their show, like the Simpsons. Oddly enough, Dexter is a gender neutral name that parents can use for either a girl or a boy. Dory originated as a nickname of Dorothy, but is now used as a first name by parents. This name also pays tribute to the soul crushing singer, Adele. Such cute names! This name was extremely popular in the 1900s and even held the eighth spot for several years. The meaning of Giselle is ‘pledge’. The name Willow has shed its hippie aura and has been climbing the charts in the US steadily. Add some punk to your baby’s name with this name that means energetic and wild. This sophisticated and worldly name has a variety of notable namesakes like Charlotte Bronte and Queen Charlotte Sophia, the wife of King George III. Top 100 Names for Boys Top 100 Names for Boys; Top 100 Names for Girls Top 100 Names … Audrey means ‘noble’. For a monster from outer space bent on world domination and destruction, Stitch is surprisingly huggable. Colette is also the last name of an iconic French novelist. Do you know any Disney names for babies that we missed? Teela is an English baby name and means bird teal and blue-green colour. In 1916, it ranked as the 311th most popular name for boys in the United States and has declined ever since. There's so many of them. But the titular character in "Iron Giant" gave us several, if not all of the feels. According to fandom, “Mokey is a dreamer. Inspired by the popular chewy candy, these bears were relied on by cartoon lovers around the world. Righteo! The name means "dyer" or "right-handed." Though we admire all of these pizza-eating dudes who are no stranger to using surfer terms while combating villains of the underworld, Raphael just resonates with us. If your childhood revolves around the real Ghostbusters like mine than go for this name meaning ‘from the wine’s town. "F--k all the haters — Scrat from 'Ice Age' was adorable, and his Sisyphean struggle to get that acorn made him a character to root for." If you want, you can also use Briar and Rose separately. 3. So whichever Penny you love the most, this moniker will make a playful and pretty pick. Snoopy. A variation of Louis, Louie is of German and French descent and means renowned warrior. On the heels of the recent war in Vietnam, G.I. 2. The Duck brothers are white tailed triplets who are always searching for adventure and getting into trouble along the way! Why not name your little bundle Daria and see what kind of smart and wonderful girl she'll become.

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