Learn More. The 8-inch chefs knife by Enso Japanese chef’s knives is the most expensive knife on the market but it is well worth the price. Indeed, you have landed on the comparison page because you’re seeking the best knife from the Japanese-style brands. Across its collections, Shun uses a variety of highly-refined steels to make its blades and a combination of wood and synthetic material for its handles. Because of their durability and higher quality, lots of chefs consider Shun Nakiri and Yoshihiro Nakiri knives as one of the best knives. Wusthof vs. Victorinox: How Do Their Kitchen Knives Compare? , which is an ancient Japanese-inspired edge construction with a harder center (for edge retention) and softer sides (for durability). You can read dozens of reviews and check the current prices of both brands on Amazon at the links below: Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, Prudent Reviews earns fees when you click on links within our articles and make qualifying purchases. And we have provided you almost everything from the brand comparison to their two products with some of the similarities in this comparison blog.

Interestingly Yoshihiro knives have made in the same city! Jump ahead to the price comparison chart, which shows the current prices on Amazon.

However, the brand’s pedigree dates back over 100 years—its parent company, Kai Group, has been producing blades (i.e., razors and folding knives) since 1908. This collection is German-inspired with its pronounced bolster and triple-riveted handle made from a durable synthetic material. Indeed, both of the knives are multi functional, which means you can do many types of cutting tasks, including chopping, mincing, and slicing. Different Types of Gyuto Knives. Shun knives are cut at. The Dual Core collection blades have 71 alternating layers of multiple steel alloys extending to the edge, and PakkaWood octagon-shaped handles. blades are single-ply, high-carbon steel with contoured Tagayasan handles, referred to as “iron sword wood” for its superior durability. Our list includes two high-end Gyuto knives from Miyabi and Shun, one middle ground option, the Yoshihiro Gyuto, and two budget options, from Enso and Tojiro. The service provides chip repair, sharpening for single and double-bevel knives, honing of serrated blades and kitchen shears, and rust removal. , where you can browse dozens of customer reviews and check the current prices of each set.

This style of construction mimics traditional Samurai swords, allowing for quick, precise movement, and comfortable handling. Miyabi Kaizen II (Amazon): Features a steel core with 48 layers to create the blade’s unique Damascus-style design. If you need straight cuts and precision slicing, the Nakiri-style knife is perfect for daily functions.

As I mentioned in a recent comparison of Shun and Wusthof knives, PakkaWood and Tagayasan are both natural wood treated with resin to increase durability and moisture resistance while maintaining the beauty of a wood handle.
The knife’s lines have influenced by Japanese gyutos classic with a 3mm thicker spine.
They create make of the toughest steel knives around with the rating of Rockwell Hardness in the mid-60s. It’s the ideal product of Yoshihiro; that’s another great Japanese knife brand. Due to the hand honing and higher Rockwell scores, Miyabi knives are sharper out of the box than Shun. You are intrigued by the stunning patterned blades.

The Sora collection has a triple-layer San Mai edge, which is an ancient Japanese-inspired edge construction with a harder center (for edge retention) and softer sides (for durability). This is an unbeatable knife when it comes to fine chopping of onion with ease and quickly.

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