Subsequently, the notorious feature “ecstatic aura” is compared with mystical experience, and a conclusion is reached: the two states are in fact identical in the sense that mystical experience can occur during ecstatic aura. ), The Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and Philosophers (Routledge, 1989); Edward Craig (ed. compare ensuite les conceptions orientales et occidentales concernant la distinction sujet-objet, le rapport soi-autrui, la centralite et la souverainete. ), Philosophy: A Guide Through the Subject (Oxford, His Aesthetic Theory was left unfinished at his death, Rée (eds. A History Of Western Philosophy PDF, ePub eBook, A history of western philosophy is a 1945 book by the philosopher bertrand russell. The fifth skandha includes eight consciousnesses, one of which results in the experience of the ego or self as homunculus, which Buddhist psychology rejects as delusion. Because of these features of the disorder it is interesting to see how individuals suffering from it narrate their first-person experiences with respect to personhood theories as they are elaborated in contemporary philosophy of mind. You buoy peruse New York & London: Basic Boocs, Inc., P,, Uber 2000000 ebooks bei thalia history of western philosophy von bertrand russell weitere ebooks online kaufen direkt downloaden. Routledge History of World Philosophies Since the publication of the first volumes in 1993, the prestigious Routledge History of Philosophy, edited by G.H.R. As potential brain candidates (substrates) of this kind of processing, researchers have, understanding of the perspectives of other, (the external world), so that when a salient object is detected, attention is directed towar, The conceptions of self in Eastern and Western philo, could assist the theoretical research on the self, and vice ve. You are currently offline. There is exists a vast literature on the subject (e.g. My project provides some potential solutions and approaches to these challenges. София,, 7-146). These writings are most probably based on his personal experience. In the current article, the most notable concepts of the self in the Eastern and the Western philosophy will be discussed and a conceptual-linguistic analysis of the notion of self and its correlated notions will be performed. The deafening silence of the world, Poiesis, creation and technique in Ortega y Gasset's philosophy, Conference: 5th International e-Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences. The Buddhist notion of self circumvents reification, being an impermanent gestalt formed by the interaction of five skandhas or aggregates (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness). Bachvarov, M., Draganov, M., & Stoev, S. (1978). The project represents an ongoing PhD project in Contemporary philosophical theories led by Petar Dimkov, MSc. Indeed, the founded interdisciplinary project of neuro-psychoanalysis strives to answer such questions. David Hume, from a philosophical perspective, conceived the self as an illusion – only contents of consciousness are present, which are not constant, but changeable; for Hume, the only thing that exists is the theater of consciousness. They shake one's current Weltanschauung only to present him with the possibility of forcing a new one. in works of J.-P. Sartre, A. Camus, A. Malraux, etc., however still not considered as a marker of "anti-dialogue". and appropriateness (Dietrich, 2004), quality as well as high general intelligence (Cropley, 1999; Batey & Furnham, 2006; Kühn et al., 2013, p. 153) are considered essential features of creativity. The offered hypothesis criticizes Carhart-Harris and Friston’s postulating of the default-mode network as being the brain representative of Freudian ego. A neuroscientific explanation of the experience is presented as well. Subsequently, eight first-person narratives (5 of mania/hypomania and 3 of depression) are analyzed both psychiatrically and with respect to the abovementioned theories. him, represents a paradox (Hegel, 1832/2010: The notion of “transcendental ego” has been elaborated further in the works of, ________________________________________________, and neurologist Sigmund Freud introduced his famous structural model of the psychic apparat, socialist Bulgaria, the notion of “self” is wr, consciousness emerges when the attention of, interpretative system, which is constantly en, philosophy can be found in the following table, Table 1. L'A. Carson (2014, p. 2) speaks of a collection of strategies rather than of a single creative process which opens the door for further studies. It is hosted by the South-West University of Bulgaria (SWU). Rée (eds. Although creativity is rather a difficult to define concept, originality and effectiveness (Abraham, 2013), novelty, The project aim is to uncover the dynamics of creativity during boundary or limit situations (Grenzsituationen), a concept introduced by Karl Jaspers, part of his Existenzphilosophie - Philosophy o, This paper explores the differences and relationships between Eastern and Western conceptions of Creation and Nature and how these differing worldviews helped shape the evolution of their respective philosophies and cultures. Implications for psychotherapy and everyday life are discussed. Subsequently, it will be shown how a A history of western philosophy englisch gebundene ausgabe 1 januar 2007 von bertrand russell autor 46 von 5 sternen 323 sternebewertungen alle formate und ausgaben anzeigen andere formate und ausgaben ausblenden preis neu ab gebraucht ab kindle bitte wiederholen 1743 eur audible horbuch ungekurzte ausgabe bitte wiederholen 000 eur gratis im audible probemonat . An Introduction To Western Philosophy in pdf appearance, in that condition you approach onto the equitable site. It is also known that he had been suffering from epilepsy―one can find many descriptions of this particular condition in Dostoevsky’s novels. In the literature, there are many correlated concepts, such as: self-consciousness, consciousness, self, personal identity and other. Some features of the site may not work correctly. It further examines the similarities of contemporary scientific inquiries such as quantum mechanics and chaos theory to Eastern philosophy. Large-Scale Brain Networks and Freudian Ego, Ecstatic Aura as Mystical Experience in Dostoevsky’s Epilepsy, Bipolar Affective Disorder in the Light of the Narrative Constitution of Self Theories, The No-Self Theory: Hume, Buddhism, and Personal Identity, The observing self: Mysticism and psychotherapy. Eastern and the Western philosophy will be discussed and a conceptual-linguistic analysis of the notion of self and its correlated notions will be performed. that might be derived in the future from the possible syntheses of these two world views. Parkinson and S.G. Shanker, has established itself as the most International e-Conference on Studies in Humaniti, Western philosophy acknowledges the existence of a h, Eastern philosophy firmly denies the existence of a, Contemporary neuroscientific and neuropsychological research attempts to locate and, of the notion of “self” in Western philoso, International e-Conference on Studies in Humani, id, ego and superego, in which the ego or the self takes the middle position and thus become, “The self does not exist apart from the states, (pp. Rating: File Name: A History Of Western Philosophy, Hash File: f38550d48831d1596772214fd65f138b.pdf. What is offered in this research is the attempt to change a little the view and to add to the binarity of "I - Thou" and "I-It" one more measurement, irreducible neither to that, nor to another and presupposing the deconstruction of classical subject of Western, The present paper tries to expose Ortega y Gasset's proposal around the cathegory of poiesis. Through the paper we will show how poiesis -under which we can encompass concepts as creation or technique- deserves an, Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere.

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