Why I publish Three Things Every Thursday


On June 7th, 2018, I published the 100th edition of Three Things Every Thursday—and July 5th will mark the two-year anniversary of its launch. What started out as an email marketing experiment with 400 subscribers has evolved into a weekly publication distributed to a list of nearly 1700 readers (and growing). It allows me to connect with my audience (clients, prospects, suppliers, friends and family) every week—while also reminding you that Crafting A Brand is here to help when you need the kinds of services we provideYour attention for a few moments every Thursday means the world to me. Thank you for reading.

The benefits of curated content

If you’ve ever been in charge of publishing a newsletter or a blog, you know how much time and effort it takes to create quality content that people actually want to read—especially if you intend to publish it every week. An alternative to writing original content is to publish what’s called “curated content.” This strategy requires the publisher to find relevant content from other sources across the web and present it in an organized and meaningful way. The curated model allows me to deliver an eclectic mix of educational and entertaining content in about an hour or so every week—and to supplement it with original content when I have something new or timely to share with you.

Something new: the evening edition

I rebranded my company in March of this year, and one of Crafting A Brand’s growth strategies is to attract and serve a very specific audience (craft beverage producers). With that in mind, a second newsletter was born: Three Things Every Thursday Night launched on March 15th. TTETN goes out at 6pm every Thursday and features three pieces of content related to beer, spirits, wine or cider. TTETN has its own list of subscribers (you can sign up for it here)—including craft beverage producers from more than twenty states across the country. About fifty subscribers have signed up for both editions.


Mailchimp (the platform I use to publish TTET) sends billions of emails each month for more than 15 million users. They’ve compiled campaign stats by industry, and TTET exceeds the average open (24.8%) and click-through (6.3%) rates for the Marketing and Advertising category by wide margins. I attribute this to the quality of the content, the highly-visual appearance of the emails, the brevity of the copy, and the reliability of its 9am arrival in your inbox (except for today!). 

But analytics tell just part of the story. What matters more (to me, anyhow) are the one or two personal emails I get every Thursday morning from people thanking me for making the time to reach out, or when I see someone around town and they tell me that they look forward to hearing from Crafting A Brand every week.


TTET is proof that email can be an incredibly effective way to connect with people, and platforms like Mailchimp make it relatively easy to create great-looking, content-rich emails. But, it's critical that you invest the time and resources required to share meaningful content that people actually want to consume. Take a step back and consider your marketing objectives, your available resources, and how frequently you want to publish. Then develop a strategy to create compelling content supported by quality design, and publish it consistently.    

One favor to ask

If you enjoy reading TTET, please click here and add a subscriber (with their permission), or send them to www.threethingseverythursday.com so that they can opt-in for themselves. The audience of people who enjoy this newsletter have been crucial to my success, and if you add just one more person to it, I would be grateful.

Cheers to you, and thank you for being a reader!



Glenn Clark is the founder of Rochester-based Crafting A Brand. Glenn founded CAB to provide support to craft beverage and tourism stakeholders by helping them tell compelling stories that attract consumers and expand their businesses.